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Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007 is used to access e-mail, calendars, contacts, details and other information using Internet Explorer on the Internet. Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007 can be used to send and receive e-mail messages which can be saved to folders. Scheduling in the calendar allows users to book appointments with one another and to set meetings for the most appropriate times. Users can use Contacts to organise their staff and other recipients into groups or lists.

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Out of Office Assistent
If you want the people sending you e-mail to know that you're unable to read your e-mail or that y...
Outlook Web Access 200789 4 (100 %) - ComAround
Booking a meeting
When you want to coordinate a meeting with your colleagues, you can book this meeting in Outlook W...
Outlook Web Access 2007113 4 (100 %) - ComAround
Creating a signature
You can attach a signature automatically to your e-mails. When you create a new e-mail, your signa...
Outlook Web Access 200761 1 (100 %) - ComAround
Attaching a file to a message
When you want to send a document to a recipient by e-mail, you can attach it to a message. Open a ...
Outlook Web Access 200788 3 (100 %) - ComAround
Forwarding a message
If you want to forward an e-mail to a recipient other than the person who sent the message, you ca...
Outlook Web Access 200738 1 (100 %) - ComAround
Handling a meeting invitation
When you receive an invitation to a meeting, there are various ways in which to respond. You can a...
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Adding a contact from a message
You can save a sender as a contact directly from an incoming e-mail. Right-click on the sender, th...
Outlook Web Access 200757 1 (50 %) - ComAround
Creating a personal distribution list
You can create a distribution list for your contacts. Open your contacts and click on New Distribu...
Outlook Web Access 200771 6 (100 %) - ComAround
Creating a rule
You can automate certain events by creating a rule with conditions and actions. If you receive an ...
Outlook Web Access 200742 1 (100 %) - ComAround
Reading and replying to a message
E-mails you receive appear in your Inbox. Double-click on a message to open it. If you want to rep...
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