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Guides about Contacts

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Show as business card Outlook 2010536 - - ComAround
Sorting the contacts in your address book Outlook 2010721 - - ComAround
Create a contact from a message
You can easily create a contact directly from a message. This is what you do: 1. O...
Outlook 2010599 - - ComAround
Share Contacts
It is easy to share an address book. This is what you do:              1. Click on...
Outlook 2010563 - - ComAround
Show as business card
You can show your contacts as Business Card . This is what you do: 1. Click on C...
Outlook 2010510 1 (100 %) - ComAround
Suggested Contacts
Suggested Contacts is a new function in Outlook. When you send a message to someone who is n...
Outlook 2010528 - - ComAround
Enter the phone number for a contact
You can create a convenient phone list by entering a phone number for a contact.
Outlook 20102603 0 (0 %) - ComAround
Use categories
If you have a large address book, use categories to make it easier.
Outlook 20101591 - - ComAround
Sorting the contacts in your address book
It is easy to set how the contact list is sorted in Outlook. This is what you do: 1. Click ...
Outlook 201010088 0 (0 %) 1 ComAround
See items relating to a contact
As you might know, you can link items to a Contact in Outlook. Here you can find out how to see w...
Outlook 20101310 - - ComAround