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Microsoft Outlook 2003 is a program which works as an e-mail client and calendar.. Microsoft Outlook can be used as an independent program or can be linked to Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Microsoft Outlook can be used to send and receive e-mail messages which can be saved to folders. Scheduling in the calendar allows users to book appointments with one another and to set meetings for the most appropriate times. Users can use Contacts to organise their staff and other recipients into groups or lists. Microsoft Outlook 2003 has an improved spam filter, Inbox grouping functions, message flags and the option of saving searches to folders. Support for sharing attached documents, contacts, calendars and activities.

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Displaying the name instead of the address in the To field
You can select a person’s name or a company name in the To, Cc, or Bcc field when sending e-mail...
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Adding color to appointments
You can choose various colors to distinguish your appointments. There are ten pre-defined colors...
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Creating a new folder
Do as follows 1. Select New on the File menu. 2. Select Folder . 3. Type a name for th...
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Saving unfinished messages
You can choose to save an unfinished message and continue working on it at a later date.
Outlook 2003946 - - ComAround
Typing e-mail addresses faster
When you start typing an e-mail address in the To, Cc or Bcc fields, a list of names that fit th...
Outlook 2003914 - - ComAround
Closing several reminders simultaneously
If you receive several reminders, they will all display in one dialog box. You can close an indi...
Outlook 2003802 - - ComAround
Tasks options
Read More under Tasks.
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E-mail editor
Do as follows 1. Click the list arrow beside Message format . 2. Select the option you ...
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Notes options
Read More under Notes.
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Journal options
Read More under Journal.
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